House Passes Ban On Caller ID Spoofing

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“WASHINGTON — Using false caller ID with the intent of tricking people into revealing personal information or otherwise causing harm would become illegal under legislation that passed the House Wednesday.

Backers of the bill, passed by voice vote, said caller ID “spoofing” is a growing threat to people because of new technology making it cheap and easy to change the name and number that phone call recipients see on their caller ID. “

What does this mean for Phone Dynamo customers who use and enjoy our Caller ID service?

The answer is: not much, really.  We aren’t skirting any laws or providing any spoofing services.  We are delivering a phone number to and from a verified phone that you own and control.  This is why we restrict your outbound Caller ID service to only show the Phone Dynamo number that you have purchased and why we require you to login or provide a PIN when using our outbound caller ID service.

Our virtual numbers are additional numbers that you can attach to a phone device that YOU own and operate.  The two way caller ID features we offer provide the benefits you need to use the numbers we provide for privacy and professional uses.

If you have any questions or concerns about this legislation, let us know at by contacting us at

Take control with the power of Phone Dynamo.

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