Extra Features for Virtual Numbers

Today we are going to discuss some of the common features available with your virtual phone number from Phone Dynamo.

First off we include what is often called a whisper,  or a voice message that is played before taking the call that gives you all the necessary information to answer the call in the correct manner. For example if you have multiple business lines routing back to your cell phone it will tell you exactly what business they are calling for before even answering the call.

Each virtual number can also be set up with any of the available area codes. This means you can keep local numbers even if you are not operating out of that area. Most people like to keep their business local so having a number with a local area code will increase the chances of customers reaching out for your product or services.

Phone Dynamo also offers outbound caller ID privacy options. This is helpful if you get a call back from, let’s say, one of you New York numbers. If you want to contact them you can have your telephone number show up as a New York area code, making them feel more comfortable dealing with a “local” business.

We include voicemail for each virtual number you sign up for so you can keep your messages separate from each other.  

Finally, there is a do not disturb option. This can be very useful if you find yourself in an important meeting with a client or at a family function and you cannot be disturbed. The caller will receive a friendly message stating that you are currently unavailable to take their call and leave them with the option to leave a voicemail message.  

Phone Dynamo offer many more features for your virtual numbers, but we think these five are the most useful!

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