Creating a Personalized Greeting for Your Virtual Numbers

With Phone Dynamo, our customers can set up a personalized greeting that a caller will hear when they dial and call the virtual number.

We give you the option to substitute our default greeting with a custom greeting that you can personalize to fit your own needs.  Some of our customers simply record a personal greeting using their own cell phone and upload it to the corresponding virtual phone number. Other users opt to upload a studio produced custom message to their account.

virtual phone number custom greeting

Whenever someone dials your local or toll free number your custom greeting will play while the system connects the call. For example, if you record ‘Welcome to Superior Business Solutions, please hold while we connect your call’, then this message will be played directly after a caller dials your local or toll free number. It will also play if you have your virtual number on ‘do not disturb’.

The benefits are many when you provide a personal greeting versus a generic greeting that sounds like every other business. You can stand out from the crown with virtual numbers from Phone Dyanmo.

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