Using Virtual Numbers to Benefit Your Small Business

We previously asked our website and blog visitors to tell us some modern ways they’re utilizing Virtual Numbers with their businesses, and we’ve been impressed with the wide range of marketing tactics individuals are using.

Here are the top 5 tactics we found the most innovative:

Small businesses are able to use virtual phone numbers to obtain “local” numbers within neighboring areas to get additional business throughout outlying areas and even potential new market segments.

small business and virtual numbers

Companies of almost all sizes use virtual numbers to monitor advertising and expand revenue.

Micro businesses make use of virtual numbers to provide a professional image to consumers.

Any business can build multilingual options and broaden their international business making use of virtual numbers.

Use Virtual Numbers to complete an “A/B” examination on new advertising and marketing plans. Just tally the amount of people who called phone number in version 1 vs. how many called the phone number for version 2.

How have you utilized virtual numbers to successfully boost your small business? Tell us using the comment box below, and maybe you will see your suggestion in the next Phone Dynamo blog post!

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