How Virtual Phone Numbers have been Helping Small Businesses

Let us talk briefly regarding local virtual telephone numbers and how they have been helping businesses be successful. Put simply, a local virtual number is a telephone number that can be set up with any area code no matter whether or not your physical business is located in that area. With a local land line from a telephone company you are given an area code based on where your telephone line was installed. Now with local virtual telephone numbers your small business is able to set up a number with an area code from anywhere in the country. For instance a small business in Los Angeles may want to set up a 619 area code to compete with the San Diego market. With a number with a 619 area code they immediately get the credibility that they are indeed conducting business in San Diego.  Why don’t we go over some of the many advantages of using a virtual phone system from Phone Dynamo:

Appear Much Larger

There is no doubt that there is a certain amount of prestige associated with having a physical office in a big city like Los Angeles. This also gives your customers and clients confidence that you maintain a professional image and conduct business at the highest level.

virtual phone system

Remote Sales Staff

A business with normally have a dedicated sales team in every major location you are targeting. One example could be a damage restoration chain that needs salesman in every major city. Instead of actually having to pay for physical office space in all of those different cities, they could each have a separate virtual phone number using an area code from the desired location.

Remote Offices

Having satellite offices can become vital for a growing business. It is important to give those offices a local presence. Instead of paying for expensive business phone services you can utilize a virtual phone system with an area code from that location.

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