The Benefits of Local Virtual Phone Numbers

The Benefits of Virtual Phone Numbers

Being able to take your marketing local is one of the main reasons small businesses decide to utilize virtual phone numbers. However, the advantages of using virtual phone numbers go far beyond personalized area codes. With these new numbers with local area codes, you will be able to reach new market areas without having to actually have a staff or office there.

You may happen to have an office near a population center, however it is always beneficial to have a phone number with a corresponding area code for each different zone so your customers can easily reach you. For example if you are serving multiple locations with different area codes, having a number for each of those area codes will alleviate any fear from your customers or clients of having to pay for long distance fees. A toll free number will also solve this problem, although with an 800 number you won’t exactly give off the feeling that you are really local.


A virtual phone system can also come in handy if you are looking for less expensive office space without limiting your business. For example, if you want to provide services to people living in La Jolla, you may find office space there to be way too expensive. Meanwhile, rents are cut in half if you move inland to an area like Kearny Mesa. However, the phone prefix, and sometimes even the area code will be completely different. With a virtual La Jolla telephone number, you can maintain an upscale presence without having to break the bank by renting expensive office space.

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