Why Isn’t Everyone Using a Virtual Phone Number?

I am always asking myself this same question. Many of the clients we regularly deal with are small business owners, entrepreneurs, e-commerce site owners, who already know the great benefits that a virtual phone system provides. They use them on their website for their sales page, their contact us page, to give their site a more professional image, or maybe they are offering a new service across the country and need a local number for customers and clients to call.

What about that college student who is wasting hundreds of dollars per year calling across the country to talk to his or her parents? I went to a large college where around 60% of the student body was from out of state. Think about how much money all those students are flushing down the toilet on long distance calls.


With a virtual phone number from Phone Dynamo you can skip all the expensive long distance charges, and for only a few dollars per month you can have a virtual phone number with any area code in the country! This will not only save the average Joe money, but it can also save your small business truckloads of money by not having to use an expensive business phone provider. You can also take your marketing nationwide! Not everyone trusts a 1-800 number but everyone trusts a number with a local area code. Quit wasting money and time, sign up for a virtual phone number today!

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