Thank you for coming to Phone Dynamo.

We are excited to be a leader for the new generation of telecommunication solutions.  Over the last 15 years communication options have evolved dramatically.  Options such as e-mail, chat, IM and Skype have leveraged software and the internet to offer valuable low cost communication options.

The telephone remains indispensable in our daily lives, however, new services for managing your voice communications have been slow to emerge.  Now you can easily add power and control to your existing phone at extremely low price points.  The ability to control your voice communications with variable greetings, call forwarding, call routing and privacy features has been long overdue.

Consumers are learning that phone numbers can be as useful as e-mail for separating communications, maintaining control and providing safety in daily life.  Personal and professional users are adding numbers to know when a call is professional or personal, control spam (telemarketing), and a variety of uses from online selling to dating in the real world.

Small businesses and remote offices are finding the easiest most cost effective solutions are available right here.  No new hardware to buy, no long term contracts to sign.  Flexible.  Powerful.  Valuable.

We are pleased to constantly be adding useful additions to everything from Caller ID control to live prompts that allow you to answer calls or send them to voice mail after the caller is announced.

Every day we work to improve our service, and the number one path to improvement is feedback from customers.   We thank you for using Phone Dynamo and encourage you to share with us so we continue to understand the most important needs and opportunities for YOU – our customers.

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