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Why Your Customers Benefit from a Virtual Office

Conventional business communication extends beyond your physical office. Your clients are mobile therefore rarely at your actual office except to utilize your conference rooms.  Phone Dynamo has created an easy to use telephony system that can be reached by any mobile device. This helps to ensure that no matter where you are located, your clients will always be able to keep in touch with your virtual office.

virtual office services

We all know that traditional phone systems can cost an arm and a leg. A PBX system at your place of work will set your business back a few thousand dollars at least. Get rid of all the expensive hardware by simply running your business communications using a virtual office. Phone Dynamo includes commonly used features including call forwarding and extensions.


You might end up wanting to go one step further to assist and analyze your customer’s needs and give them exactly what they desire. Phone Dynamo provides a variety of solutions for call forwarding, and automated receptionists.  Because Phone Dynamo has incorporated the top features and are constantly innovating, your clients can be confident that the services they are paying for are top of the line. A virtual office is an absolute steal compared to other conventional business phone systems.

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Virtual Office: Pros and Cons

What is a Virtual Office?

Any digital business office can be located anywhere, especially when all a person needs to perform their job is a laptop or computer with an internet connection. Also, the laptop or computer can be used in order to communicate with the person’s where you work. Essentially, each time a man or women performs his or her job duties from a digital business office, what this means is he or she is telecommuting. Exclusive workers might use a corporate email address, and sometimes they will make use of a corporate cellular phone off shoot, nevertheless, they function outside of the regular work place.


Lots of people who work via virtual offices implement it from the comfort of their own home. Others work using their company vehicles. Some even do the job from off-site exclusive offices that their own employers have established. Many virtual staff work from equipment that’s been provided to these individuals by their recruiters. On the other hand, freelancers or independent contractors are likely to work using their own, unique equipment.

Pros of Virtual Offices

Cost-Efficient: When workers are able to do their job from some sort of virtual office, such as from their own house, this helps in saving on costs which are often associated with operating regular office. In fact, the expenses of the virtual office can be a fraction of what must be paid for leasing a work place. For businesses which are in the initial start up phase, the cost-efficient advantages of using virtual offices can be a key factor in the business’ initial achievement. The money being saved with the virtual offices can be spent on additional, important business functions including advertising models.

Easy Growth: Once a small business gets up and running, on many occasions, you will find their is a need for rapid expansion at a much quicker pace then you initially expected. While increase and expansion is an effective aspect of business, accommodating these factors may be somewhat difficult for the workers based solely inside brick-and-mortar facilities. When allowing workers to complete their responsibilities from personal offices, the ability to grow and also expand becomes simplified.

Enhanced Features: Most virtual offices come with a number of exclusive functions. These kinds of functions can include totally free txt messaging services, sophisticated telephone services, Cisco video conferencing functions and many more.

Cons of Virtual Offices

No Home-Base: Organizations that enable workers to do their duties from virtual offices tend to have an assortment of workers from an assortment of locations. Primarily, there isn’t any home-base office. For just a small business that really needs a genuine actual physical area to be effective from, it’s always best to stay away from virtual practices.

Shared Resources: When virtual office employers work from virtual offices, they usually write about his or her sources with tech support team staff as well as other employees. That giving is great within the sense so it can in fact end up being contributed, on the other hand, with regard to staff which have a high need for particular sources, giving these individuals turns into the drawback to be able to productivity levels.

Extra Features for Virtual Numbers

Today we are going to discuss some of the common features available with your virtual phone number from Phone Dynamo.

First off we include what is often called a whisper,  or a voice message that is played before taking the call that gives you all the necessary information to answer the call in the correct manner. For example if you have multiple business lines routing back to your cell phone it will tell you exactly what business they are calling for before even answering the call.

Each virtual number can also be set up with any of the available area codes. This means you can keep local numbers even if you are not operating out of that area. Most people like to keep their business local so having a number with a local area code will increase the chances of customers reaching out for your product or services.

Phone Dynamo also offers outbound caller ID privacy options. This is helpful if you get a call back from, let’s say, one of you New York numbers. If you want to contact them you can have your telephone number show up as a New York area code, making them feel more comfortable dealing with a “local” business.

We include voicemail for each virtual number you sign up for so you can keep your messages separate from each other.  

Finally, there is a do not disturb option. This can be very useful if you find yourself in an important meeting with a client or at a family function and you cannot be disturbed. The caller will receive a friendly message stating that you are currently unavailable to take their call and leave them with the option to leave a voicemail message.  

Phone Dynamo offer many more features for your virtual numbers, but we think these five are the most useful!

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