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Virtual Number Services: User Profiles for Consultants

Consultants are natural early adopters for virtual phone numbers and we’ve seen many adopt the service quickly.

The benefits are straight forward for consultants:

– Call forwarding, voice mail and pre-set call routing let’s your phone act as a virtual office where ever you are – never interrupting you unless you want to be alerted

– The service is a write-off, so it costs almost nothing

– Get the service and support you expect as a professional.  Phone Dynamo is a company that stands behind its product (don’t expect much customer support with a free product like Google Voice)

It’s hard to imagine a consultant of the future using anything but virtual phone numbers.  Just like having a practical, manageable e-mail address set up for a myriad of specific uses, so goes phone numbers with virtual numbers.

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Virtual Number Services: User Profiles for Sales People

Sales people are the ultimate power users.  They want to save time and money so they can focus on execution.  Many work remotely or are frequently mobile.  Virtual numbers and services put sales people in control of everything with just one phone.

A typical case works as a sales executive for large software company.  Often out of the office, he needs more than just call forwarding to manage voice communications.  Virtual numbers can all ring to one phone, after the call comes through the you take control:

– Caller announcements tell you which phone line is calling

– Prompts allow you to receive the call or send it to a custom message and voice mail

– Messages and voice mail are dedicated for each virtual phone number

– Caller ID options let you decide what rings up for inbound and outbound calls

Let one phone do all the work for you.  PhoneDynamo thinks that once you try it, you won’t be able to operate without it.

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Virtual Number Services: Professional User Profiles for Faculty

A number of faculty and teachers have been using to manage their own personal and professional profiles.

Faculty & Teachers

Be accessible to students and protect your security.

Know when a student is calling you.

Control when students can call you.

Customize recorded messages to students.

2nd phone number that calls your current phone number.

Separate voice mail with each phone number.

Add a phone number for consulting and professional engagements any time.

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