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House Passes Ban On Caller ID Spoofing


Excerpt from the Huffingtonpost.com:

“WASHINGTON — Using false caller ID with the intent of tricking people into revealing personal information or otherwise causing harm would become illegal under legislation that passed the House Wednesday.

Backers of the bill, passed by voice vote, said caller ID “spoofing” is a growing threat to people because of new technology making it cheap and easy to change the name and number that phone call recipients see on their caller ID. “

What does this mean for Phone Dynamo customers who use and enjoy our Caller ID service?

The answer is: not much, really.  We aren’t skirting any laws or providing any spoofing services.  We are delivering a phone number to and from a verified phone that you own and control.  This is why we restrict your outbound Caller ID service to only show the Phone Dynamo number that you have purchased and why we require you to login or provide a PIN when using our outbound caller ID service.

Our virtual numbers are additional numbers that you can attach to a phone device that YOU own and operate.  The two way caller ID features we offer provide the benefits you need to use the numbers we provide for privacy and professional uses.

If you have any questions or concerns about this legislation, let us know at by contacting us at support@phonedynamo.com.

Take control with the power of Phone Dynamo.

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Caller ID – That You Can Control

Phone Dynamo offers caller ID options that give you power and value with your virtual phone number.

1. Options for inbound caller ID

  • users have the option to see the caller ID on inbound calls using their PD phone number
  • users have the option to see the PD phone number in their caller ID and on their phone bill, rather than the inbound caller’s ID
  • in either case, your online call history provides a record of the number that called you, and the duration of the call, as well as a link to any message that was left whether or  not you have messages forwarded to your e-mail.

This provides quite a bit of control for you as a customer.  Decide if you want to see who is calling, or know that a caller is calling your virtual number.  If you choose the former, you can still use call announcements and live routing options to inform you a call is coming through your virtual number with options to route the call before a caller is connected.  I bet your current mobile service doesn’t do that!

2. Options for outbound caller ID

  • users have the option to dial out with their existing phone and have their virtual number ring up in caller ID for the person they call
  • we offer two methods for doing this; the first is by dialing into our caller ID service and following the prompts.  You can call in from *any* phone – even it if is not verified, as long as you set up your PIN and have an account with Phone Dynamo
  • the second method for presenting your Phone Dynamo number in your outbound caller ID is through our web site; simply login and go to the caller ID section of your “Settings” tab.  From there you simply enter the number you wish to dial.  We call your verified phone, and then connect the call to the number you entered and show your PD caller ID.  Nothing could be simpler.

These caller ID options give you the ability to utilize your virtual numbers in a variety of ways and get the value you want.  It’s nice to be able to receive calls through your existing phone with a second number, but adding the caller ID feature to inbound calls and combining it with Phone Dynamo announcements gives you full control of call routing with knowledge of who the caller is.

In addition, legally controlling outbound caller ID give you a second level of value and convenience.  A virtual number that works as both an inbound and outbound solution.  This means you can make calls out with your existing phone and keep the number private.

That is dynamic.

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Personal Privacy

In the digital age, an invasion of privacy or an identity theft can occur swiftly.

Phones can be used for abuse, harassment, and access to you in ways which you do not want or expect.  The internet even provides reverse look-up data bases that may allow other people to find you when you do not want to be contacted.

Phone Dynamo alleviates this issue for any public sharing of your phone number.  We are free of look up data bases and our call controls provide privacy and permissions features that allow for very public or very strict access to you and/or your phone.

Did you know about some of our more advanced privacy features?

  • Do Not Disturb – do not disturb allows you to prevent any call from coming through based on times designated by you.   Take calls only during office hours or as convenient and have calls routed elsewhere without ringing your phone with Do Not Disturb.
  • Permissions – create your own list of blocked numbers and invoke our feature to block known telemarketers
  • Privacy Code – set up a privacy code and anyone who calls you will be prompted to enter a code before Phone Dynamo will connect a call and ring through to your phone
  • Caller ID – use options to control which number appears on your personal phone bill and on your phone.   You can even choose to dial out using your virtual number and keeping your real number hidden

There a thousand reasons our users are protecting their privacy with Phone Dynamo whether for Craigslist PVA, personal relationships or creating public available phone numbers that can ring to your personal phone (or any phone).

Choose your virtual number service wisely.  This issue becomes ever more important as individuals rely on free services that trade on personal and behavioral information with advertisers.

Phone Dynamo does not sell, trade or use any personally identifiable information and we do not sell advertising.  Our goal is to provide reliable service that protects your privacy, affords great advantages for using your phone and excellent and responsive customer support.

We want to make your phone more powerful, more flexible and more secure.  If you have any suggestions please let us know!  www.phonedynamo.com

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