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Why You Should Add a Virtual Number to Your Existing Line

Why You Should Add a Virtual Number to Your Existing Line

Have you ever wanted a local number in a variety of area codes? With a virtual phone number from Phone Dynamo, now you can. A virtual phone number will forward directly to your existing cell phone, VoIP line, or a traditional land line. This number will provide you with all the benefits of a having a secondary number without having to pay a pretty penny for a second line from a service provider.

Virtual Number

Just imagine if you own a small business, travel frequently, or have family and friends living across the country, you can always keep in touch no matter where you go, and not have to replace the single number you have gotten so familiar with using.

For Small Businesses

  • If you are a small business looking to expanding to a number of other area codes, you can use virtual numbers to give your businesses a local phone number no matter where your customers are. This will create a local feel for you customers in addition to cutting down on their calling costs.
  • Many small businesses use remote workers. With virtual numbers you can give your remote workers a number with the same area code as your office.
  • Virtual 1-800 numbers give customers an easy way to call toll-free, at a low cost for the company.

For Personal Use

  • If you have family and friends living in different areas, a virtual number can help them reach you using a local area code.
  • Online dating is becoming more popular. If you would like to keep you main number private you can use a virtual number instead.
  • Those who maintain two homes can set up virtual numbers to have a local phone number in each location that always reaches them, regardless of where they are at the moment.
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Virtual Numbers and Call Forwarding for Businesses

Years ago, call forwarding was primarily used as a feature on the home phone that most people did not understand, but thought it sounded like an interesting tool to have. Being able to forward a call to one of your friend’s house was enough to make any teen feel important. Unfortunately this was before the explosion of mobile phones and mobile communication, and call forwarding services only had a limited number of benefits.

Businesses use call forwarding in a whole different capacity, using it to manage their global presence. Nowadays most successful companies maintain an international presence and rely on call forwarding for their sales and marketing needs. A pencil manufacturer with offices in San Antonio can use a call forwarding service to market their product to German school teachers.

Call forwarding and virtual numbers can be one of the cheapest ways of communication. Instead of having to pay for dozens and dozens of individual phone number, a small business can use Phone Dynamo to have all their calls forwarded to a call center or office. The customer is now able to reach you by dialing a local number, saving them money by not having to place a long distance call. Without using a call forwarding service a company is simply a foreign entity, unable to establish a local brand.

Quickly adjusting your phone service is a breeze with call forwarding services. Imagine if a disaster strikes and most or all of the landlines are down. You can readjust your call forwarding account and have all calls come to your cell phone or another mobile device. Operations never have to stop; business can continue as usual, customers will never know the difference.

Virtual numbers can also be used as a powerful sales tool. People are more likely to conduct business with a company or organization if they are easily accessible. Customers are more likely to do business with an organization if it is easily accessible. This competitive advantage provided to the sales team can make all the difference in increasing revenue.

Would you like to find out more information about virtual numbers and call forwarding services? Visit Phone Dynamo for more information.

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