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The Reliablity of a Virtual Phone System

Virtual telephone numbers enable businesses to improve their communication systems without having to use any specialized hardware. Because your phone system is run by software provided by Phone Dynamo, your system setup and call reports are managed and routed using the provider’s equipment. On most occasions this will work in your favor, since our business depends solely on our ability to deliver reliable virtual telephone services all the time, every day. However, a little due diligence is still needed to ensure they have appropriate plans and coverage in case of service interruptions.

The more established hosted service providers have multiple data sites and voice systems in place, and use Tier-1 carriers. These are the highest-grade local and long distance carriers. Their proven track records are the best the telecommunications industry can deliver.

Another good sign of a reliable service provider is one whose systems are monitored around the clock – 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Some hosted service providers may charge a maintenance fee for this monitoring, but the best include this added level of support as part of their service plans.

The flexibility and scalable nature of virtual phone systems means that you can get up and running without having to spend a pretty penny. With minimal up-front capital investment, these systems represent an extremely low-risk commitment. Those that offer no-risk trials (or free plans) provide an excellent way to test out the system for compatibility with your organization. Providers can also frequently assist you with customized solutions, right away, in order for you to make a well-informed evaluation.

If you’re ready to try a virtual phone system, Phone Dynamo is a leading provider of hosted communications for businesses, help desks, and contact centers. Halloo has a variety of features that can help your business. For more information, visit us today!

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How Virtual Phone Systems Empower Business Communication

Business communication is used to exchange mutual info between two parties and needs to be clear and efficient. It is impossible for someone to think they can successfully manage their workers without using new and modern ways of communicating between internal staff and the external customers and clients.  New virtual phone systems from Phone Dynamo has made it easier for entrepreneurs to have access to a constant flow of information regarding their business. They can receive feedback immediately, and mold their bossiness strategy accordingly. It is impossible for an organization to run successfully without having full coordination between all the people involved in performing the job collectively.

virtual phone system

We lucky enough to be living in a time of advanced technologies where virtual phone systems are readily available to keep all facets of your business communication in line.  Using virtual phone numbers makes it so much easier for the small and large companies to streamline their communication systems. It would allow the users to send or receive the digitized data through the internet, and its charges are based on data usage and not for the numbers of minutes consumed. Furthermore, it removes the limitations of many kinds, and helps the user to connect to the people all around the world at cost-effective prices, provided the user must have uninterrupted internet connectivity.

The distinguished features of virtual phone system take almost half the credit of giving the right direction to the flow of work, as it helps providing well illustrated information regarding the desirable job. Not just this, the phone user would never miss the chance to acknowledge the sender that he has received the information by utilizing fully automatic call answering and call routing facilities.

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Creating a Personalized Greeting for Your Virtual Numbers

With Phone Dynamo, our customers can set up a personalized greeting that a caller will hear when they dial and call the virtual number.

We give you the option to substitute our default greeting with a custom greeting that you can personalize to fit your own needs.  Some of our customers simply record a personal greeting using their own cell phone and upload it to the corresponding virtual phone number. Other users opt to upload a studio produced custom message to their account.

virtual phone number custom greeting

Whenever someone dials your local or toll free number your custom greeting will play while the system connects the call. For example, if you record ‘Welcome to Superior Business Solutions, please hold while we connect your call’, then this message will be played directly after a caller dials your local or toll free number. It will also play if you have your virtual number on ‘do not disturb’.

The benefits are many when you provide a personal greeting versus a generic greeting that sounds like every other business. You can stand out from the crown with virtual numbers from Phone Dyanmo.

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Benefits of Virtual Phone Systems for Startups

These days almost everyone has a cell phone, so why does a startup need a phone? Larger businesses need phones because they have staff who hold regular office hours. What about entrepreneurs and startups? Both large and small businesses can benefit greatly from a virtual phone system. Here are just a few of those benefits.

Productivity on the go.
– Easily redirect calls and never miss those important phone calls again.
– Provide a professional appearance, announce service times and allow callers to direct their calls to certain ministry leaders.
Unlimited Calling & Faxing
Maximizing cost savings
– Phone Tree Capabilities. Send an important message to everyone in your phone tree quick and easily.

virtual phone system

The possibilities are endless with the virtual phone system, so ask yourself, how do these benefits compare with your current phone system? For more information visit us online.

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Virtual Numbers Keep Construction Workers Connected

Working in construction is much more challenging than some people might think. Construction companies do not only have workers sitting in front of computers all day, instead most of their workers are out at work sites putting in dry wall, dragging lumber, etc.

When the majority of your workforce is out of the office on site it can be very hard to relay information and instructions to them. Let’s say a client calls and wants to know if the tile in the kitchen has been installed yet or if the shed in the backyard needs new roofing. You will have to call up the project manager or someone else on site, and try and find out the correct information.

virtual phone system

The majority of people who work in construction rely on their cell phone so stay in constant contact with clients, coworkers, and employees. Cell phones are great; however they do have their negatives. It becomes difficult when you have to remember a bunch of numbers and relay them on to other people who need them. This cuts down on efficiency and makes a company looks unprofessional. It is extremely important for a company, especially a construction company, to give off a professional image in order to help them get referrals, repeat customers and positive online reviews. Communication issues can thwart the effort. That’s why many construction companies now use virtual number system. .

So, what is a virtual phone system?

A virtual phone system allows employees and coworkers to interact with each other and continue their work no matter where they are located. Rather than having a bunch of different landlines in an office, a virtual phone system will forward calls to any cell phone or land line telephone. These systems come with auto-attendants (someone to answer so that you don’t have to), voicemail transcription, call forwarding, faxing, and more.

These systems are great for construction companies because of the amount of people out of the office. If you’re working from home or out of a van, you can use a virtual phone system.

Cool! But how can I get one?

If you own a small business, or you’re an independent contractor, Phone Dynamo is an excellent option for a virtual number system. If your company is relatively small and you don’t have a substantial office space, Phone Dynamo will still work well for you. Not only can you help your employees and customers stay connected, but you can also get toll free (800) numbers to give you a national presence and obvious authority.

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Creating a “Virtual Office” Using a Virtual Phone System

A Virtual phone line is a telephone number that does not have a direct line linked to it. These virtual numbers have become extremely popular in recent years, especially for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Small businesses can use these services to create a “virtual office” with separate numbers for sales, customer service, billing, etc., all linking back to a single telephone line. These virtual phone numbers allow businesses to keep a local presence nationally and even internationally, without actually having to be physically located in that area.

The Many Advantages of Using a Virtual Phone System

Virtual phone systems provide businesses of any size with local telephone numbers and toll free lines using only a single connection. This can easily allow a business to spread its wings and establish new service areas, locally or even globally.  Using our services, an individual company can have dozens of different telephone numbers, with different area codes, all linking back to a single phone. Using virtual phone numbers can greatly reduce your monthly expenditures by getting rid of all the separate phone lines you are have for each separate department or employee.  The Phone Dynamo virtual numbers system has a variety of call management features such as outbound caller ID privacy options, call forwarding, number blocking, automatic caller distribution, caller id, voicemail, personalized greeting, individual settings and profile management for every number and much more.

Virtual Phone System

Save Money on Your Investment

Using a virtual phone system helps business to create and maintain a professional image, while retaining the look of a corporate, trustworthy office. Virtual office telephone numbers allow offices to be “located” geographically anywhere in the world without actually having to purchase office space in that area. No additional costs are involved as everyday business can be done from anywhere, even from the comfort of your own home!

Virtual phone services are the favored choice in call centers, service centers and companies dealing with technical support. This service can be enjoyed without installing costly hardware and equipment. Everything is maintained by Phone Dynamo.

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Virtual Numbers Help Small Businesses Keep up with Competitors

Virtual Numbers Help Small Businesses Keep up with Competitors

Competition is vicious in the present economic environment. If you do not take advantage of all your resources you will not be able to keep up with your competitors. In order to be successful and be a profitable business it is extremely important that you keep in constant touch with your customers. A virtual phone system uses the most modern technology to help you always stay in touch with your customers and cliental. Unlike signing up for a new phone line through your current provider, a virtual phone is an inexpensive way for businesses to stay connected. There is not a single business out there that would not benefit from using a virtual phone system.

Uses New Age Technology

All of the communication needs of a business can be met by using a virtual phone system. It is inexpensive and simple for anyone to use. easy to use and is not high priced. The greatest advantage comes for medium and small sides businesses because it is such an effective means of communication without breaking the bank. Using virtual numbers will help significantly cut down the overall operational costs for your business. There is absolutely no maintenance cost since, similarly to websites, the numbers are hosted by a service provider.


virtual pbx system


Offers High End Features

Medium and small businesses can still use high-end technologies without spending a pretty penny. Entrepreneurs can add a personal greeting and welcome notes for everyone who calls them on their business number. With the advanced features of a virtual phone number, transferring calls to across the country or to colleagues sitting in the office next to yours is just as easy. With the easy to use call forwarding feature you can forward calls to numerous numbers, allowing your business to always keep in touch with clients and customers.

Enhanced Business Image

All the features of a virtual phone system significantly enhance the current image of a business.  Using virtual numbers helps you stay accessible to customers 24/7.  You could be on the road to a business meeting or staying home sick with flu, you can still keep in touch with customers and clients.

A virtual number makes a business significantly bigger than it actually is. It is the absolute best communication device to stay connected with customers no matter where you are, no matter what time. A virtual phone system is one of the best tools to survive the competition and stay in business.

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