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Why Isn’t Everyone Using a Virtual Phone Number?

I am always asking myself this same question. Many of the clients we regularly deal with are small business owners, entrepreneurs, e-commerce site owners, who already know the great benefits that a virtual phone system provides. They use them on their website for their sales page, their contact us page, to give their site a more professional image, or maybe they are offering a new service across the country and need a local number for customers and clients to call.

What about that college student who is wasting hundreds of dollars per year calling across the country to talk to his or her parents? I went to a large college where around 60% of the student body was from out of state. Think about how much money all those students are flushing down the toilet on long distance calls.


With a virtual phone number from Phone Dynamo you can skip all the expensive long distance charges, and for only a few dollars per month you can have a virtual phone number with any area code in the country! This will not only save the average Joe money, but it can also save your small business truckloads of money by not having to use an expensive business phone provider. You can also take your marketing nationwide! Not everyone trusts a 1-800 number but everyone trusts a number with a local area code. Quit wasting money and time, sign up for a virtual phone number today!

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The Benefits of Local Virtual Phone Numbers

The Benefits of Virtual Phone Numbers

Being able to take your marketing local is one of the main reasons small businesses decide to utilize virtual phone numbers. However, the advantages of using virtual phone numbers go far beyond personalized area codes. With these new numbers with local area codes, you will be able to reach new market areas without having to actually have a staff or office there.

You may happen to have an office near a population center, however it is always beneficial to have a phone number with a corresponding area code for each different zone so your customers can easily reach you. For example if you are serving multiple locations with different area codes, having a number for each of those area codes will alleviate any fear from your customers or clients of having to pay for long distance fees. A toll free number will also solve this problem, although with an 800 number you won’t exactly give off the feeling that you are really local.


A virtual phone system can also come in handy if you are looking for less expensive office space without limiting your business. For example, if you want to provide services to people living in La Jolla, you may find office space there to be way too expensive. Meanwhile, rents are cut in half if you move inland to an area like Kearny Mesa. However, the phone prefix, and sometimes even the area code will be completely different. With a virtual La Jolla telephone number, you can maintain an upscale presence without having to break the bank by renting expensive office space.

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Benefits of Virtual Phone Systems for Startups

These days almost everyone has a cell phone, so why does a startup need a phone? Larger businesses need phones because they have staff who hold regular office hours. What about entrepreneurs and startups? Both large and small businesses can benefit greatly from a virtual phone system. Here are just a few of those benefits.

Productivity on the go.
– Easily redirect calls and never miss those important phone calls again.
– Provide a professional appearance, announce service times and allow callers to direct their calls to certain ministry leaders.
Unlimited Calling & Faxing
Maximizing cost savings
– Phone Tree Capabilities. Send an important message to everyone in your phone tree quick and easily.

virtual phone system

The possibilities are endless with the virtual phone system, so ask yourself, how do these benefits compare with your current phone system? For more information visit us online.

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Creating a “Virtual Office” Using a Virtual Phone System

A Virtual phone line is a telephone number that does not have a direct line linked to it. These virtual numbers have become extremely popular in recent years, especially for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Small businesses can use these services to create a “virtual office” with separate numbers for sales, customer service, billing, etc., all linking back to a single telephone line. These virtual phone numbers allow businesses to keep a local presence nationally and even internationally, without actually having to be physically located in that area.

The Many Advantages of Using a Virtual Phone System

Virtual phone systems provide businesses of any size with local telephone numbers and toll free lines using only a single connection. This can easily allow a business to spread its wings and establish new service areas, locally or even globally.  Using our services, an individual company can have dozens of different telephone numbers, with different area codes, all linking back to a single phone. Using virtual phone numbers can greatly reduce your monthly expenditures by getting rid of all the separate phone lines you are have for each separate department or employee.  The Phone Dynamo virtual numbers system has a variety of call management features such as outbound caller ID privacy options, call forwarding, number blocking, automatic caller distribution, caller id, voicemail, personalized greeting, individual settings and profile management for every number and much more.

Virtual Phone System

Save Money on Your Investment

Using a virtual phone system helps business to create and maintain a professional image, while retaining the look of a corporate, trustworthy office. Virtual office telephone numbers allow offices to be “located” geographically anywhere in the world without actually having to purchase office space in that area. No additional costs are involved as everyday business can be done from anywhere, even from the comfort of your own home!

Virtual phone services are the favored choice in call centers, service centers and companies dealing with technical support. This service can be enjoyed without installing costly hardware and equipment. Everything is maintained by Phone Dynamo.

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The Next Phone Generation is Virtual

A virtual phone service is a great low cost solution for a variety of people.  It is a good choice for personal privacy, professionals and small to medium sized businesses.  Particularly if you do not want to invest in hardware, have remote offices or virtual employees or want to choose a variety of area codes.  With the flexibility to send the service to any phone, that’s just the starting point.
In addition to being able to add more phone numbers on the fly (extensions for virtual PBX users), virtual numbers come with fantastic services that make it much more than just call forwarding.  Each phone number can ring to any phone – at that point users can control the call flow.  Use announcements and know which number is calling you, use call routing and the service prompts you to accept the call, play greetings and hang up or go to voice mail.
It’s powerful, easy to use and changes how your phone can work for you – small businesses, professionals, consultants, contractors, any one who uses two numbers o more today – can save time, money and convenience.  That is a fairly simple concept.
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